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Two Pitchers Team Up as Seminole State Trojans Shuts Out Ok Wesleyan

Two Pitchers Team Up as Seminole State Trojans Shuts Out Ok Wesleyan
  • Two Pitchers Team Up As Seminole State Trojans Shuts Out Ok Wesleyan

  • Seminole State Trojans defeated Ok Wesleyan 8-0 on Wednesday as two pitchers combined to throw a shutout.
  • Seminole State Trojans got on the board in the first inning when an error scored one run for Seminole State Trojans.
  • Seminole State Trojans tallied three runs in the second inning. Seminole State Trojans's big bats in the inning were led by a single by Jocee Sparks, an error on a ball put in play by Emily Richardson, and a double by Jolie Romine.
  • One bright spot for Ok Wesleyan was a single by #2 in the second inning.
  • Shianne Eddings led things off on the rubber for Seminole State Trojans. She surrendered zero runs on one hit over three innings, striking out six and walking one.
  • #18 started the game for Ok Wesleyan. She allowed 13 hits and eight runs over four innings, walking zero. #12 threw one inning in relief out of the bullpen.
  • Seminole State Trojans tallied 14 hits on the day. Tarin Dubler, Jac Gray, and Romine all had multiple hits for Seminole State Trojans. Dubler led Seminole State Trojans with three hits in four at bats.


2B: Teryn Pritchett, Jolie Romine 
TB: Charley Barnhart, Tarin Dubler 3, Bre Estep, Jac Gray 2, Alli Grove, Sydney Martin, Skylar McCord, Teryn Pritchett 2, Jolie Romine 3, Jocee Sparks 
RBI: Jac Gray, Skylar McCord, Suni Meeley, Teryn Pritchett, Jolie Romine, Jocee Sparks 
ROE: Alli Grove, Emily Richardson 2, Jocee Sparks 
FC: Suni Meeley 2 
SB: Jolie Romine 


Pitches-Strikes: Shianne Eddings 61-41, Taia Harris 33-19 
Groundouts-Flyouts: Shianne Eddings 1-2, Taia Harris 0-1 
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Shianne Eddings 6-12, Taia Harris 5-8